Once we open our house, the women who enter into She Dreams Again Christian long term residential program will have a three part journey. We believe God created every women fearfully and wonderfully in His image and has a purpose and plan for her future. We walk alongside each woman as they find their identity in God, restore and heal from their past through God’s grace and mercy and transform into God’s purpose for them.

She Dreams Again’s approach is designed to support each woman physically, mentally and spiritually. Time spent in each part of the three part journey can differ for each woman because each woman is uniquely made and has different circumstances their journey also differs. That said each woman will spend time in each part as the discover and build their relationship with our Heavenly Father. Our three parts of their journey include:


The first couple of months each woman will discover their identity. This includes discovering who they are, ensuring their physical identity, developing a plan for physical health, collaboratively working with them to develop an individual development plan, scheduling one-on-one counseling and learning the daily house schedule.


After their first few months at She Dreams Again they begin in a phase of restoration. This includes digging deeper into their relationship with God and working on those deep wounds, evaluating their physical health and adding physical activities as possible, taking a step farther into who they are and their purpose, restructure their development plan as needed.


Transformation happens towards the end of their one year with us and is amazing to watch these beautiful woman light up and begin to dream of their future. In this phase we begin working on next steps and detailed plans in all areas to ensure a successful transition.

All women no matter what phase will participate in the following:

  • Daily biblical devotions, meditation and worship time.
  • Daily class time with varies topics including forgiveness, boundaries, budgeting and finance, conflict resolution and leadership. In addition, those that need to work on GED will also have classroom time.
  • Learn how to plan, shop and cook a nutritious meal on a budget to ensure healthy living.
  • Learn how to develop exercise goals and learn different types of exercise to develop a plan to achieve their goals.
  • Daily life skill through assigned weekly chores. This includes cleaning, laundry, dishes, mowing, etc. In addition, throughout each month specific life skills will be taught like basic home repair, car maintenance, job searching and resume writing, developing social skills, gardening, lawn care, self-defense and so many more.
  • Weekly one on one counseling with licensed counselors
  • Group counseling
  • Weekly outings to stores to purchase any personal items and food
  • Other outings such as church events, sporting events, concerts, etc.

The vision God has given us includes the opportunity for the women to work onsite such as having a greenhouse where we sell at local farmers markets, provide fresh fruits and vegetables to local food pantries and host fundraisers selling flowers for local school, church and community partners.

Additionally, our God given vision also includes being able to house a few tiny houses on the property which would provide a small step transition for women to take after their first year. This would give these women and even greater chance of success as they could continue to work there, pay a small rent/utilities for their tiny house and still be in community to ensure a stable foundation before taking a larger step.