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In 2018, out of seemingly nowhere, Colleen Davis, felt God calling her to open a home for women who had been trafficked. In talking to the law enforcement in her circle, her burden grew. She knew there had to be more than putting these women in jail and returning them to the streets—often to their pimps—then repeating the cycle.

In an act of blind faith, she began to form She Dreams Again. It has been an intense three years of growth and setbacks—but the vision and passion remain the same. 

In the past few years, we have worked with over a dozen women. Last summer we were excited to walk with one of our women who won the first record expungement case outside of Franklin County in Ohio! 

We are grateful for what God has enabled us to do even though we had no physical location. We are very excited to be opening a Training Center! The Center will be a place for women to gather, be mentored, assisted with a variety of physical and emotional needs, learn life skills, and experience the Gospel. It is another step towards our goal of opening a residential home.

From the beginning we knew we had to be extremely careful where our funding came from. We believe the power of the Gospel is essential for healing and transformation. There is only one Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of our commitment to operate free of any restrictions or control that would hinder our Christ-centered approach, we have not accepted any government money. 

The world cannot define or solve man’s problems. Only God can. Central to our belief and vision is that the Church should lead the charge in healing the scourge of trauma and trafficking that is increasing daily. 

We believe that wholeness is best achieved when a community comes together. To that end, we seek to engage the local community in partnerships which benefit both the community and survivors.



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